Dragon Ball Z goes Hollywood


BraveGoku.jpg - Goku's first role. Also the first time he was an extra while a human played the lead.

gpink.jpg - Ginyu was quoted as saying, "Yeah, the poses bring back memories, but it's freaky painful getting these horns in and out of the helmet."

friendsveg.jpg - Vegeta was pressured into trying out for the show by Bulma. He was a bit too anti-social to make it.

gumpku.jpg - When questioned why Goku had been fired from this role, the director sighed. "Sure, we were looking for someone simple-minded, but not that simple-minded."

jurassic-chichi.jpg - After hearing of her decapitating experience as a child, Chichi was hired to keep the dinosaurs in line.

msdbz.jpg - Few people remember the brief period between Joel and Mike when Goku was the test-subject of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Unfortunately, his hair covered up too much of the screen.

gokumentos.jpg - Deciding to try his hand at commercials for awhile, Goku became the Fresh Maker.

peanuts.jpg - During the great "Peanuts" strike of '91, Kulilin and Ranma discovered the fill-in clause in their contracts. Neither were very happy.

r2-kulilin.jpg - And you were wondering how they got that thing to move.

gotginyu.jpg - Even the Ginyu Force joined in the commercial line for a time.

robinhan.jpg - Gohan was eventually fired after accidentally frying over a dozen of his Robin costumes.

ss_piccolo.jpg - Never really fitting in or even getting along with the other characters, Piccolo left after "The Elmo Incident."

ST-ten.jpg - The Federation just wasn't ready for a three-eyed captain.

tidm.jpg - "They were beautiful, these... Trunks in the mist."

turtlecell.jpg - The execs eventually decided to go with a female turtle as the new member of the team instead of an artificially created being bent on the destruction of the world. Go 'fig.

veg-bond.jpg - Vegeta was fired after he kept siding with the bad guy.

willow.jpg - They eventually ran out of regular midgets for the filming of Willow. Kulilin was not happy.

mrmario.jpg - *cheesy Italian accent* It's-a me, Mr. Satan

agony.jpg - Goku and Vegeta almost made it big in Broadway, but Vegeta quit when he found out he played Goku's brother.

gokutoy.jpg - Trying to get a few older viewers into the audience, the producers almost put a very familiar face in with Andy's toys.

roshiwan.jpg - Originally cast as the great Obi-wan Kenobi, Kamesennin was fired after trying to sneak a look at Leia's panties one too many times. Oh, and he assures us they're green.

buudew.jpg - *sad sigh* What can we say? He sold out.

gotenmis.jpg - Goten didn't have a whit of acting talent, so he ended up as Tom Cruise's stunt double in Mission: Impossible.

wildveg.jpg - Vegeta was perfect for the part, but the hat just didn't work out.

minichou.jpg - I shall call him... Mini Chou-zu.

ProfF.jpg - Freeza really missed his hoverchair, so he jumped at the chance to be Professor X. Unfortunately, he was fired after going into flashbacks and sending out the X-men to "destroy that cursed Saiya-jin."

BCroft.jpg - The original character design for Lara Croft. Unfortunately, there was a huge legal battle over costume rights, and the design was changed.

gnp.jpg - Due to their real-life experience, Goku and Piccolo got the lead roles in MIB. However, the director eventually decided it would be best to have humans protect the earth. Piccolo is still in the process of suing for discrimination.

blairbuu.jpg - Before there was Blair Witch, there was Blair Buu.

Mrp.jpg - There's no clean like that deep-down Nameck clean. Mr. Green, Mr. Green!

picoboot.jpg - After a brief epic involving Hack and Slash's long-lost triplet, Piccolo left to pursue a 2-dimensional career. When questioned about his motives, the Nameck replied, "I hated how that red dog--whatever its name was--slobbered all over my turban. Do you know how hard it is to get drycleaning service inside a computer?"

cellcap.jpg - Rose has the strangest taste in men...

snr.jpg - Goku briefly joined up with Guns 'N Roses, his long hair in SSJ3 form blending in perfectly. He later left the band for "creative differences." Apparently none of the other members approved of Goku's suggestion to change the name to Saiya-jin's 'N Roses.

vegtroll.jpg - These Norfin trolls were very popular for a time, but the creators made them a little too life-like. They were pulled from the shelves after several children got beaten up by the dolls.

amibriefs.jpg - Due to school constraints, every now and then Sailor mercury was forced to take a break from Sailor Moon. During these times, Bulma would take her place on the show.

indigoku.jpg - Somehow it didn't have the same punch when Goku kept blowing up the boulder and walking to safety instead of running for his life. Eventually, they just replaced him with Harrison Ford.

dopeyzu.jpg - Dopey was supposed to stand out among the dwarfs, but not quite that much...

gokuzoid.jpg - WB would have saved millions of dollars in hairspray costs, but unfortunately the blue paint needed to be Freakazoid! gave Goku a rash.

pokerunga.jpg - Sources have predicted the next rare pokemon to be discovered will be none other than guest star Porunga, dragon of Namek. Be watching for him!

elgoku.jpg - Goku was originally cast for the part of Miguel in The Road to El Dorado, but he never understood the concept that he wasn't supposed to really have god-like powers. Eventually, the cost for constantly replacing the big stone jaguar became too much, and he was fired.

Rabbitz.jpg - After hearing "Silly Radditz, Trix are for kids!" one too many times, Goku's brother snapped, killed the kids, and stole the cereal, laughing maniacally the entire time. After the incident, General Mills decided an actual rabbit would be much safer.

*NEW* kwok.jpg - Already on the set playing R2D2, Kulilin got a chance to actually walk around when Warwick Davis, the actor playing Wickett the Ewok, was out for the day. The midget was understandably excited.

*NEW*Xenachi.jpg - Chichi tried out for the part of Xena: Warrior Princess. Sadly, the motherly instinct to protect just didn't translate into a warrior's spirit very well. But she did admit it "felt nostalgic dressing in something like that again. Reminded me of my childhood."

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