Dragon Ball Z goes Hollywood


I try to make most of the references in DBZ Goes Hollywood pretty understandable, but every now and then I come up with one that only a few people might get. This little page is my attempt to explain them.

agony.jpg - The original pic is from the Broadway muscial "Into the Woods." In it, the two princes are brothers, hence the joke.

gotginyu.jpg - This one has a semi-hidden joke. See, Ginyu is a take on the Japanese word for milk, gyuunyuu. Get it? Got Milk? Got Ginyu? It's a pun! Ha!

jurassic-chichi.jpg - Okay, the "decapitating experience" I mentioned in the caption goes back to when Goku first met Chichi when she was a little girl. The first thing we ever see her do is decapitate one of those huge T-Rexes we see running around Dragon World.

ss_piccolo.jpg - I've been asked what the "Elmo Incident" was, so here goes. As I said, Piccolo never really got along with any of the characters, but Elmo kept trying to make friends. Eventually the Nameck got so annoyed he just blew the little red monster away. The picture was taken shortly after that (notice Elmo is not present).

tidm.jpg - This is a vague reference to the movie "Gorillas in the Mist." The caption is a modified version of the most famous line from it (just replace Trunks with gorillas).

blairbuu.jpg - It's kind of hard to tell the difference in the stick guy, but if you notice he now has a head, plus Buu's little thing on top of it (you know, that one that gets ripped off and absorbs Vegetto).

Anything else you don't get? Just e-mail me, dbzghw@hotmail.com, and I'll let you know what it means. Hey, this is how I know what to classify as an "obscure" joke.